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'Not Today' Becomes BTS' 12th MV That Successfully Reached 500 Million Views!

'Not Today' Becomes BTS' 12th MV That Successfully Reached 500 Million Views!

KUNINGAN EUORG : On Wednesday (1/9), at 11.04 KST or 09.04 WIB, BTS ' ' Not Today ' MV successfully reached 500 million views on the YouTube platform. This is BTS' 12th MV to achieve this record. The other 11 songs that have already achieved this achievement include:

  • Boy With Luv
  • DNA
  • Dynamite
  • Mic Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)
  • Fake Love
  • IDOL
  • Blood Sweat & Tears
  • Save Me
  • Butter
  • Fire
  • Dope
  • Not Today

Meanwhile, the MV for ' Not Today' was first released on February 20, 2017. With this, ' Not Today ' took about 4 years, 6 months, and 13 days to achieve the feat. 

The song ' Not Today ' is one of the songs included in the BTS repackage album entitled " You Never Walk Alone ", which was released in February 2017. ' Not Today ' is one of BTS' songs that uses a strong and energetic voice. If you say this song is in line with other BTS songs such as, ' FIRE ' and ' DOPE '.

The music video also received a lot of attention because the choreography was strong and quite difficult and the large group of dancers accompanying BTS seemed to be in sync, making for a beautiful scene.

On the other hand, BTS last made their comeback through the song ' Permission to Dance ' which was released on July 9. This song is included in the album " Butter ". 

Through the song ' Permission to Dance ' it is known that BTS scored a number of extraordinary achievements. Reporting from the page , some of these achievements include:

This song debuted at the top of Digital Song Sales and became BTS's 8th song to top the first position. This extends the record for this one boy group and occupies the 9th position on the Streaming Songs service.

Becomes BTS' 5th song at No. 1 Hot 100 No. 1, here are the notes: Dynamite, 3 weeks, Savage Love (Laxed – Siren Beat) 1 week, Life Goes On, 1 week, Butter, 7 weeks and Permission to Dance.
Becomes BTS's 4th song to reach the No. 1 at debut. Previously there was Dynamite, Life Goes On, and Butter. Become the 4th musician to have at least 4 songs debut at the top. Ariana Grande is still at No. 1 with 5 songs, while Justin Bieber and Drake each had 4 debut songs at the top. 
Replacing position No. 1 of the song itself. Permission to Dance replaces Butter at position No. 1 Hot 100. 
Congratulations to BTS!