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Synopsis of the Film Stealing Raden Saleh [Mencuri Raden Saleh] which is currently selling in Indonesian cinemas

Synopsis of the Film Stealing Raden Saleh [Mencuri Raden Saleh] which is currently selling in Indonesian cinemas

KUNINGAN EU ORG : It has become a common understanding that stealing or taking what is not their right is a bad act. In addition to harming others, these actions of course violate the rules, norms and even applicable laws.

Whatever the reason, it cannot be justified, and the perpetrator must certainly accept the consequences of what he has done. At least, this is what we can learn from the Indonesian blockbuster film entitled Stealing Raden Saleh . 

It is said, in this film, Piko (played by Iqbaal Ramadhan ), who is a fine arts student at a university, faces a big challenge.

Piko, who daily makes a living by falsifying paintings by famous figures in order to free his father from prison, gets a big offer to steal a painting made by the great Indonesian maestro, Raden Saleh.

Of course it is not an easy job, moreover, the painting is in the State Palace, and of course has strict security and protection. 

In fact, Piko realized the difficulty of carrying out this action. However, after much deliberation, he decided to go ahead and accept the offer he was given.

According to the plan, Piko then formed a team consisting of people who have advantages in their respective fields.

They are Ucup who is a reliable hacker (played by Angga Yunanda), Sarah, who is a martial arts athlete (played by Aghniny Haque), Gofar who is a mechanic (played by Umay Shahab).

Tuktuk, who is never afraid because he is a wild racer (played by Ari Irham), and Fella, a college bookie (played by Rachel Amanda).  

The six of them tried to form a solid team. But unfortunately, in the series of plans they carry out, it turns out that there are many obstacles that have the potential to damage valuable things in their lives, such as friendship, love or their family's personal life.

What's more, the six of them also didn't realize that there was a big threat lurking behind them, behind the theft of the painting they did. 

And now, the action they did was not only stealing Raden Saleh's painting, but, bigger and heavier than that....

Well, if you're curious about the sequel, friends, please watch it live at the nearest cinema , and find the excitement of this one herd action!