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Healthy Food For HeartHealthy food for the heart that should be consumed by many people. It's not just for people with heart disease. Moreover, as is known, eating certain foods can increase the risk of heart disease. Changing these eating habits will have a positive impact on body health. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to how much you eat.

Exaggerating the contents of the plate often will only lead to eating more calories than it should. So it is necessary to eat and live a balanced healthy lifestyle. These heart-friendly foods play a major role in a healthy diet and can reduce the risk of heart disease. In fact, certain foods can affect blood pressure, triglycerides, cholesterol levels, and inflammation, all of which are risk factors for heart disease.

Healthy Food For Heart

1. Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, mustard greens, and other green vegetables. They are renowned for their wealth of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. In particular, leafy greens are a good source of vitamin K, which helps protect arteries and promote proper blood clotting. In addition, these heart-friendly foods are high in dietary nitrates, which have been shown to reduce blood pressure. This reduces the stiffness of the arteries and improves the function of the cells lining the blood vessels.

2. Whole Grain

Common whole grains include brown rice, oats, rye, barley, buckwheat and quinoa. Compared to refined grains, whole grains are higher in fiber. These heart-healthy foods work to help reduce “bad” LDL cholesterol. So good in reducing the risk of heart disease. Reporting from  the National Institutes of Health  (NIH), a study found that including more whole grains in the diet is beneficial for heart health.

3. Fresh Spices

Quoting from  Web MD , add spices instead of salt and fat. Be a healthy choice for the heart. The spices will add flavor without any bad effects. Delicious taste that is no less than salt, which is not good for the heart.

4. Avocado

The next good food for the heart is avocado. It is a fruit with a heart-healthy source of monounsaturated fats.

5. Black Beans

These tender black beans are packed with heart-healthy nutrients. These good foods contain folate, antioxidants, and magnesium, which help lower blood pressure. Even the fiber from black beans helps control cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

6. Fatty Fish and Fish Oil

Consuming weakened fish or fish oil supplements, is well-known for maintaining heart health. Fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines, and tuna contain omega-3 fatty acids. It has even been studied extensively for its heart health benefits.

Another study showed that eating fish over the long term was associated with lower levels of cholesterol, blood triglycerides, blood sugar, and systolic blood pressure.

7. Walnut

The next good food for the heart is walnuts. Launching from  Nutrition Data , walnuts are a source of fiber and micronutrients, such as magnesium, copper, and manganese. Research shows that including a few servings of walnuts in your diet can also help protect against heart disease.

8. Olive Oil

Olive oil is a healthy fat made from crushed olives. Rich in heart-healthy antioxidants. In addition, its ability to protect blood vessels. When olive oil replaces saturated fat, for example butter. This can help lower cholesterol levels.

9. Edamame or Soybeans

Edamame is the Japanese word for soybeans. Soy protein can help lower cholesterol levels. A cup of edamame or the equivalent of 8 grams of heart-healthy fiber.

10. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants like flavonoids, which can help improve heart health. Interestingly, several studies have linked eating chocolate with a lower risk of heart disease. According to the NIH, eat chocolate at least five times per week. These will have a 57 percent lower risk of coronary heart disease than those who don't eat chocolate.
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